Photography Art
At times, Amir enjoys manipulating photographs to create his own world of images and ideas. These are all available as prints (A3 size max for most) and in unlimited amounts. Suitable for your home, cafe, restaurant, office, resort or hotel.
You can also order one copy for yourself or as gifts for others? All images are copyrighted. Please feel free to inquire by sending an email here
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  1. Visitor at Midnight
  2. Midnight Guardian
  3. Buddha at Midnight
  4. Threesome 2013
  5. Fish That talk 2
  6. Fish That Speak
  7. violet life
  8. The Witche's Garden
  9. Secret pond
  10. Offerings
  11. Magic Herb
  12. Congregation
  13. Lorenzo's Light
  14. ChilliVanilla 4
  15. Support
  16. Imagine
  17. Imagine 8
  18. Buried Heart
  19. Water = Life
  20. Sky on the ground
  21. Magik Mushrooms
  22. Green Eyed Monster
  23. Concealed
  24. Blue Zen