1. And introduction to Adele
    Hello from the Other Side
  2. A short clip about pangolins
    Pangolins are Stupid
  3. A short clip about Shark's Fin soup
    Sharks Fin Soup
  4. Lazarus Species, a species thought to be extinct
    The Lazarus Species
The Borneo Futures initiative is a Borneo-wide program that seeks to support a paradigm shift in how decisions are made for land, forests, animals and natural resources.
We believe that preservation and sustainable use of forests is a key element in successfully transitioning to a green economy in Borneo. By  providing key information to an increasingly educated public; both in Malaysia and Indonesia via global, local and social media - we hope to achieve better democratic governance in the region that supports the translation of public opinion into changes in policy and practice. 
Amir assists in the dissemination of scientific facts and concerns (working with other creative minds) through video, cartoons, social media and events.
Below are some videos we have made. There are more at our FB page - Borneo Futures -  as well as on our Youtube Channel of the same name and at our website.
  1. The Dream
    A short narrative about the possible future of Borneo's forests
  2. I am guilty
    A clip about how everyone of us is guilty of eco-unfriendly habits and how we can all change our ways with everyday situations.
  3. Deforestation
    A simple clip about the history and the possible future effects of deforestation in Borneo
  4. IUCN red list
    A short animation about the IUCN's red list of endangered species.
  5. All about us
    How a lot of us do not want to hear, see or say the truth about the environment.
  6. Future Food
    Adaptation of the American Indian proverb about how we can't eat money